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About Us


 Company Profile

   Bob Meyers started our company over 40 years ago.  We are still in the same building just occupying more space. In a business environment defined by change and downsizing, our sales engineers provide a stable and professional service for both our customers and our Principals.  This service attitude and a reputation for Integrity and Reliability with our customers is the basis of our success.  We work hard to increase business and just as important, we work hard to keep the business we earned.

   We operate a modern IT system consisting of servers, desktops, laptops, faxes, cell phones, and PDAs.  We  utilize MS Office and Goldmine Contact Management programs.  Lead tracking and sales forecasting is automated. 

   Our goal is to be best at what we do !  You can help with your  Suggestions.  We appreciate your comments.

 Our Mission

  To  provide the technical sales link between the expertise of the Principals we represent and the needs of the engineers we are calling on.  This will be accomplished by developing our professional sales and technical skills.

 Our People

   Charles Purse:  Sales Manager   charles@rma-kte.com

   Kathy Glennon:  Office Manager  kathy@rma-kte.com

   Bob Sapinosa: Sales Engineer  bob@rma-kte.com

   Gary Ross: Sales Engineer,  gary.ross@rma-kte.com